Why no terror strike in US post 9/11 while we have???

This is the question that every one asks and blame it on police, security and int agencies. True, that we have been attacked umpteen number of times and have some how not able to curb this. But comparing it with situation in US is tad harsh. We are India and not US. Ponder on under mentioned points and you will realize why………..

1. Our politicians are lame duck (fattu aur chutiye) and they don’t have will to curb this menace of terrorism. The vote bank card is played at every single step. Interference with functioning of security agencies further weakens them.

2. US is lucky not to have “good neighbours” like us.

3. US security forces don’t have to man their borders. India has LoC, LAC, IB and porous borders to Nepal and Bangladesh. 70% of our resources are deployed to keep an eye on these boundaries. Thousands km of boundary being manned by few thousand men. The forces are overstretched yet they have been doing very good job. If you have been on borders, you ll realize that no matter how much force you put there will be gaps and thus infiltration.

4. No sync between state and center. Our governments are too busy in playing blame game.

5. India’s demography is very diversified than US and meddling by local gunda to politicians is at every level.

6. We don’t have stringent laws and existing one are toothless.

7. Our leaders lack the will to tackle terrorism. They want to keep it lingering so that it acts as a tool for them in their petty politics.

8. We as people only make complaints and don’t really feel for NATION. I can bet that more than 70% of populace is not interested in what is going in our nation. The attitude of Indifference. When we become victim, we Cry. In US, citizens are more law abiding and patriotic.

9. We are reluctant to participate in Democratic process and then keep on cribbing for remaining time. The day we will have voting% more than 75, automatically good candidates will enter assembly or parliament.

10. We are too soft state. We are wary of bold decisions. In US or Israel, citizens consider themself to be soldier and don’t get bog down by the terrorist demands or acts. They believe in crushing it.

11. We have no value of human life. Its comes far too cheap in our nation. In US they value human life. So, we cry for one day and then forget everything. This is our beauty that we forget things very fast!!!

The day we realize that this nation which we call INDIA is constituted by us. The day we think to be an INDIAN first. The day we feel good for our nation and work towards building better INDIA. The day we decide to act rather than only react or want some one else to act on our behalf. That day we will be able to change the face and fate of our INDIA. Everyone of us must be part of nation building process.

Be the change you want to see.If you are not the part of solution then you are the problem. There is no mid way.

Jai Hind!

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